Most of the photos featured on Ghost Nerve are available for purchase as prints, feature art or other media.*

Because we print each work made to order- we can accommodate any specifications, finishings and ideas you may have for your perfect piece. Whether it’s a beautiful, unique piece of feature art for your home, a coffee table book to wow your family and friends, or pretty much anything else you could ever dream up- we can put it together.

Alternatively- If you have a special project requiring an experienced, jungle-raised, animal whisperer and photographer, we’d be delighted to chat about booking in a photo session. Individual printing options are also available for commissioned photos, just ask!

For any photography bookings, commissions, lessons, prints or general enquiries please do contact us using the button below.

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All prints come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. All sale proceeds will support Dimiri’s wildlife art & conservation efforts 

* Some of Dimitri’s first-ever photos that are also featured on the Ghost Nerve website are print size restricted, as there are definite pitfalls in image quality when using mouldy old lenses and a hand-me-down cameras, held together by duct tape and hope.

However if you’re absolutely in love with one of these images, and are flexible with specifications (or open to alternative ideas) we can definitely conjure up a solution!

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